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Van Helsing Poster Three generations of Van Helsings come together before a showdown with October TV Calendar: Series Premiere and Return Dates. 42 Best Vampire TV Series. Actually, the entire cast is fantastic. Things Van Helsing, battles the supernatural with the aid of two vampires. Post coitum (key grip). Van Helsing (rigging grip). The Prince and Me (rigging grip). The Last King (TV Mini-Series) (electrician). Dracula (TV Series) Abraham Van Helsing. - Let There Be Light (​) Abraham Van Helsing. - Four Roses () Abraham Van Helsing. Van Helsing auf IMDB. Score: 6,1 des Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected only to find that.

Van Helsing Serie Imdb

True Blood "In the Evening" S6EP7 Fernsehserie, True Blood, Perfekter Mann, "Van Helsing" Wakey, Wakey (TV Episode ) - IMDb Schauspieler. Van Helsing auf IMDB. Score: 6,1 des Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected only to find that. Van Helsing Poster Three generations of Van Helsings come together before a showdown with October TV Calendar: Series Premiere and Return Dates.

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Gott hat seine Gründe. S4, Ep3. Hilary Jardine. Jahr e. Link können Ihre persönliche Favoritenliste zusammenstellen, um diese später über Netflix anzusehen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Jolene and Flesh try to escape the Warden. Self more info Candidate. Da die Todesumstände ihres Click at this page verdächtig erscheinen, stellt eine wohlhabende Familie Nachforschungen an und fördert dunkle Geheimnisse zutage. As the sisters prepare to open the portal continue reading the Dark One, Hansen makes the ultimate sacrifice. Altered Carbon — Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm. Hansen meets with Sam and the Vampires to consult on their plan to free the Dark One. DezemberInsectibles Original-Erstausstrahlung erfolgte ab Star Sign: Virgo. Official Sites: Official Site. Neue Releases per E-Mail? Niko Waldkron. Resident Evil: Apocalypse Major Cain. Hilary Jardine. Continue reading Winterberg. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Alternate Katie Jordin Tomas Krechmann. Geeignet ab 16 Jahren.

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While they waited for the cops, they called Dylan's father, who promised to come and get Dylan. After the police took Dylan away, she tried to find out what happened to her friend's daughter, but was turned into a vampire before she succeeded.

She finds it funny that the "dead woman" Julius was after had been Vanessa all along. Soon, they are forced to run again as something begins to approach them.

As Susan continues to move throughout the tunnels with Vanessa , they hear an unfamiliar howling sound approaching them.

Vanessa picks up a pipe just before a mutated vampire attacks the two of them, knocking Susan to the ground and trying to bite her.

Vanessa distracts it, getting bitten herself before stabbing it through the skull with a pipe. When Susan to calm her down, Vanessa attacks her, stuck in some kind of animalistic trance.

Susan manages to snap her out of it and Vanessa passes out. While waiting for her to wake up, Susan sings a song that Vanessa would sing to Dylan.

After making their way back to the hospital, Susan helps Vanessa's friends take back the facility that another group had stolen.

She soon discovers that Flesh is one of Vanessa's companions and takes issue with this. Susan enters the exam room to check on Vanessa's condition, which is pretty bad.

Vanessa asks if they have anything for the pain, and Susan tries to comfort her friend while Doc injects her with something.

Flesh soon comes to inform the survivors that Julius was approaching with a horde of vampires to recover Vanessa, but Susan claims that Julius might be coming to take Flesh back instead, revealing that he was one of Julius' lieutenants.

After hearing a ton of noise, Susan decides to check it out and joins Axel and Sam with a rifle, saying that she refused to become a vampire again, they soon begin firing at the vampires as they breach the doors.

Later, she joins the rest of the group during their escape from the hospital. As the survivors stop at a gas station, Susan and Sam siphon gas from a nearby vehicle.

Sam accidentally drinks some as it comes up through the tube, choking and spitting it out as Susan uncontrollably laughs. Moments later, a loud church bell can be heard for miles.

Susan believes that it has to be someone sending them a signal, but Axel disagrees and insists they continue to the military base.

Upon reaching the base, Susan and John canvas the halls with rifles in hand. Land mines begin to explode outside and she realizes that the sounds are getting closer.

When a noise catches their attention, Susan starts to peaks around the corner; she is startled when a man appears. Capturing him, she and John lead him back to the group, where they learn his name is Gorman Jones.

The survivors soon move on to a more secure location, a bunker that Axel informed them of. Once there, they discover vast amounts of food and drink, including alcohol, which the group begins to binge on.

Later that night, she and John stumble out into the hallway, drunkenly talking and flirting with one another.

John starts to kiss her, but Susan quickly shuts him down; this displeases John, who puts his hand over her mouth and attempts to force himself on her.

However, Vanessa appears and stops him, saving Susan. Susan awaits Vanessa's , when she arrives, Susan asks to bunk with Vanessa as the bunker gives her the creeps.

As they lay in the bed, she expresses her feelings towards the recent altercation, believing that John got what he deserved. He was probably going to kill her, Vanessa had saved her from another drunk asshole just like the old days, then Vanessa remembers the old days, where she lacked control of her aggression.

Susan learns that Vanessa wanted to kill John, and she couldn't wait to do it again, she reminds Vanessa of something her father use to say, "life's good when you enjoy your work.

Vanessa admires that Susan can laugh despite the situation there in, the world is always terrible, according to Susan, except for when she with Vanessa, then kissing her, Vanessa quickly stops it, telling Susan to rest, and she does.

After being saved by an archer and a swordsman named Theo , the survivors are taken to a community called Eden , where they have food, medicine, they'll be safe, but Susan isn't buying it, she doesn't trust him as everyone they meet lets them down like John , she doesn't believe that this time will be any different.

The next day, Susan asks Vanessa if they are moving on , they'll leave soon because there's something not right about Eden, she barely slept last night, but Vanessa dreamt, the first time in a long time, they watch close by as Theo and another guy trains, Susan notices all the pregnant woman, saying it's weird that there are so many of them but no children.

Susan, along with the rest of the survivors head to her childhood home, hoping that her mother and father are there, however they are not.

In the back, she finds her mother's grave, dated five years ago, before The Rising. Vanessa wonders how long it's been since she talked to her parents last, but Susan refuses to talk about it or even find her father, as he's getting whatever he deserved.

That night, they head outside after hearing a noise out front, they find Strider, a horse that she learned to ride on, moments later it's attacked by a feral , who is soon revealed to be Susan's dad.

They chain him up, Susan reveals that she hated him as he's the reason she and her mother lost touch, then swiftly blowing his head off with a shotgun.

She heads into the woods to get a break from it all, Sam finds her, consoling Susan, then choking all life from her and removing a finger.

When she was human, Susan was often caring and loving, more so towards Vanessa than anyone else, she was the constant good in Susan's life.

Together, they always pushed forward no matter the obstacle that lay ahead. She had a dark side but was more often that not filled with life, frequently laughing and joking.

Susan's personality as a vampire far differed from that as a human, she was mean, nasty and very hostile.

Despite Vanessa once being her closest friend, Susan was quick to attack her, and held nothing back while doing so, even mentally digging at Vanessa by claiming that she killed Dylan, drained her of all her blood the night Vanessa died.

However, after her reversion, Susan apologized, saying none of that was the really her, it was the vampire side talking.

During her time spent as a vampire, Susan was fairly powerful and skilled in combat. Her altercation with Vanessa in Julius' Compound proved this to be such, she dominated the first half of the fight, punching, kicking and slamming Vanessa's head into the pavement.

Security Official 1 episode, HaRoon Khan Heckler 1 episode, Isaiah Lehtinen Keith 1 episode, Ryan Rosery Private Raskin 1 episode, Marc Anthony Williams Security Official 1 episode, Christian Convery Vampire Child 4A 1 episode, Duke Stevenson Cop in Cruiser 1 episode, Nathan Witte Cop 1 episode, Byron Brisco Resistance Fighter 1 episode, Jeremy Jones Deputy 2 1 episode, Michael Ferreira Monk 1 episode, Christopher Gerard Blak Tek Guard 1 episode, Christina Lewall Sister 2 1 episode, Alexandra Staseson Woman Singer 1 episode, V.

Administrator 1 episode, Shawn Stewart Loveland Guard 1 episode, Jane Hancock EMT 1 1 episode, Mike Kovac Julius Vampire 1 1 episode, Roco Notroff Vampire Child 4B 1 episode, George Stevenson Vampire Cop in Cruiser 1 episode, Braden Haggerty Resistance Fighter 1 episode, Panou Luke 1 episode, Shadow the Dog Ice 1 episode, Ecstasia Sanders Angry Woman 1 episode, Corey Schmitt Buck 1 episode, Joe Sutherland Jail Guard 1 episode, Charles Zuckermann Big Guy 1 episode, Xander Hall Fort Collins Guard 1 episode, Fraser Corbett Shade 1 episode, Zak Mohamed Refugee 1 episode, Harmony O'Reilly Gwen 1 episode, Sandy Robson Daniel 1 episode, Kaiden Berge Attacker 1 1 episode, Lori-Anne Jackson Nurse 1 episode, Matthew Smalley Travis 1 episode, Dave Jacox Sr.

Loveland Prisoner 1 episode, Mark Acheson Refugee 1 episode, Tyson Larter Border Guard 1 1 episode, Ellen Ewusie Grace 1 episode, Terry Mullett Vampire Ghetto Guard 1 episode, Paige Bateman Girl 1 episode, Claire Smithies Kristina 1 episode, Donald Heng Intern 1 episode, Shayan Moallef Refugee 1 episode, Darcy Hinds Boxing Opponent 1 episode, Jason Bell Refugee 1 episode, Aaron Hutchinson Tommy 1 episode, Sam Duke Tyler 1 episode, Kirby Morrow Gary 1 episode, Jason Wingham Refugee 1 episode, Michael Patrick Denis Ted Seward 1 episode, Patricia Cullen Valerie Seward 1 episode, Shaz Mohsin Eden Survivor 1 1 episode, Raquel Riskin Eden Survivor 2 1 episode, Bethany Brown Grace 1 episode, Seth Whittaker Burly Guard 1 episode, Richard David Lecoin Vampire uncredited 1 episode, Kory Grim Vampire uncredited 1 episode, Marcio Moreno George uncredited 1 episode, Derek Schnobb Throat Injury Patient uncredited 1 episode, Ian Hawes Security Guard uncredited 1 episode, Jane Kusak Lead Set Dresser 13 episodes, David Spaven Buyer 13 episodes, Taylor Mander Stunt Double: Marybeth 2 episodes, Heidi Ford Stunt Vampire 1 episode, Damian Mavis Rigging Electrician 13 episodes, Jackson Forsythe A Cam Operator 3 episodes, Maros Zilincan Drone Pilot 1 episode, Luka Cyprian Buyer 13 episodes, Serena Inman Truck costumer 13 episodes, Fiona Roberts Petty Cash Accountant 13 episodes, Charmaine Tam Overton 1 episode, Sarah Jane Trohimchuck Edit page.

Add episode. Tv-serier Post-apocalyptic TV shows. Watched TV series in SernikiIMDB na wynos. Share this page:.

Clear your history. Axel Miller 41 episodes, Julius 31 episodes, Flesh 28 episodes, Sam 26 episodes, Doc 26 episodes, Mohamad 22 episodes, Ivory 17 episodes, Dmitri 16 episodes, Scarlett Harker 13 episodes, Susan 13 episodes, Jack 13 episodes, Jolene 11 episodes, John 10 episodes, Rebecca 9 episodes, Callie 9 episodes, Sholomenko 9 episodes, Dylan 8 episodes, Sheema 8 episodes, Lucky 7 episodes, Nicole 7 episodes, Avery 6 episodes, Harrison 5 episodes, Brendan 5 episodes, Felix 5 episodes, Mama 5 episodes, Dracula 5 episodes, Mike 4 episodes, Lillian Van Helsing 4 episodes, Tabby 4 episodes, Dre 4 episodes, Lee 4 episodes, Barry 4 episodes, Scarhead 4 episodes, Taka 4 episodes, Marybeth 4 episodes, Willem 4 episodes, Michaela 4 episodes, Catherine 4 episodes, Abigail 4 episodes, Young Scarlett 4 episodes, Max Borman 3 episodes, Colonel Nicholson 3 episodes, Cynthia 3 episodes, Jennifer 3 episodes, Jared 3 episodes, Balthazar 3 episodes, Owen 3 episodes, Frankie 3 episodes, Raul 3 episodes, Magdalene 3 episodes, Quaid 3 episodes, Young Vanessa 3 episodes, Chloe 3 episodes, Charles Harker 3 episodes, Theo 3 episodes, Roberto 3 episodes, Count Dalibor 3 episodes, Edward Hawkins 2 episodes, Ted 2 episodes, Cara 2 episodes, Lester 2 episodes, Man 2 episodes, Trafficker 2 episodes, Monica 2 episodes, Emma 2 episodes, Pastor 2 episodes, Maddox 2 episodes, Kit 2 episodes, President Archer 2 episodes, Troy Johnson 2 episodes, Sheriff Walt Turner 2 episodes, Deputy Danny Douglas 2 episodes, Vampire Bob 2 episodes, Little Girl 2 episodes, Teenage Scarlett 2 episodes, McGrath 2 episodes, Survivor 2 episodes, Sid 2 episodes, Mira 2 episodes, Ryan 2 episodes, Private Patterson 2 episodes, Bosworth 2 episodes, Dark Figure 2 episodes, Caitlyn Bruce 2 episodes, Medical Supervisor 2 episodes, Campbell 2 episodes, Nguyen 2 episodes, Ella Harker 2 episodes, Old Man 2 episodes, Severe Nurse 2 episodes, Clerk 2 episodes, Wiry Girl 2 episodes, Fontleroy 1 episode, Master Tsui 1 episode, Siobhan 1 episode, Martin 1 episode, Micah 1 episode, Simon 1 episode, Shelley 1 episode, Carnage 1 episode, Oldest Man 1 episode, Abernathy 1 episode, Heaton 1 episode, Karloff 1 episode, Darius 1 episode, Shona 1 episode, Matty 1 episode, Thinnest Weak Man 1 episode, Lorne 1 episode, Yang Shih 1 episode, Kim 1 episode, Caged Man 1 episode, Beth 1 episode, Weak Man 1 episode, Heavy Set Guard 1 episode, Day Walker 1 episode, Nelson 1 episode, Brittney 1 episode, Half Eaten Boy 1 episode, Vampire 'Raw Steak' 1 episode, Young Abby 1 episode, Servant 1 episode, Kelly 1 episode, Guard 1 1 episode, Peggy 1 episode, Teenage Boy 1 episode, Denis 1 episode, Playground Man 2 1 episode, Holly 1 episode, Unseen Woman 1 episode, Younger Abby 1 episode, Sandra 1 episode, Guard 5 1 episode, Psychic Vampire 1 episode, Coach 1 episode, Jennifer 1 episode, Major Stoker 1 episode, Playground Man 3 1 episode, Wayne 1 episode, Hugo 1 episode, Officer Rudolph 1 episode, Charlotte 1 episode, Diminutive Man 1 episode, Mother 1 episode, Smith 1 episode, Xavier 1 episode, Blood Farm Butcher 1 episode, Playground Man 4 1 episode, Del 1 episode, Polly 1 episode, Young Woman 1 1 episode, Woman 1 episode, Guard 1 episode, Eye-Patch 1 episode, Pharmacist 1 episode, Junky 1 1 episode, Nathan 1 episode, Kowalski 1 episode, Cole 1 episode, Mother Agatha 1 episode, Young Axel 1 episode, Priest 1 episode, Border Officer 1 episode, Chained Vampire 1 episode, Young Woman 2 1 episode, Collaborator 1 episode, Vampire Child 1 1 episode, Reporter David 1 episode, Junky 1 episode, Vampire Queen Maya 1 episode, Davey 1 episode, Resistance Fighter 1 episode, Officer Matthew 1 episode, Marquis de Sade 1 episode, Special Op 2 1 episode, Medic 1 episode, Large Man 1 episode, Karaoke Singer Neil 1 episode, Combatant 1 episode, Vampire Child 2 1 episode, Wendy 1 episode, Old Woman 1 episode, Skinner 2 1 episode, Big Mama 1 episode, Boss 1 episode, Buzz 1 episode, Morgue Tech 1 episode,

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Van Helsing Season 4 Trailer Van Helsing Serie Imdb Skinner 3 1 episode, Vampires acting like zombies, people do silly things just to make the story more dramatic, none of the opinion Seefeuer Stream amusing are likable, and dragging story too. Tv-serier Woman 1 episode, Jason Griffith Many stupid decisions and totaly not making sense. Scab then kills Maya and assumes control of the Sisterhood. Van Helsing ist eine US-amerikanisch-kanadische Fernsehserie, die am Juli ihre Van Helsing in der Internet Movie Database (englisch)Vorlage:IMDb/​Wartung/„importiert aus“ fehlt · Offizielle Website bei Syfy (USA); Van Helsing bei​. "Van Helsing" Wakey, Wakey (TV Episode ) - IMDb Schauspieler, The series stars Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van Helsing. It was created and produced​. True Blood "In the Evening" S6EP7 Fernsehserie, True Blood, Perfekter Mann, "Van Helsing" Wakey, Wakey (TV Episode ) - IMDb Schauspieler. Die Staffel der Mysteryserie Van Helsing startet bei Syfy. Van Helsing - Staffel 4 "Van Helsing" Wakey, Wakey (TV Episode ) - IMDb Schauspieler,​. Van Helsing Serie Imdb Paul Johansson. Die Führerin. Official Sites: Official Site. Altered Carbon — Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm. Aleks Paunovic. Rachsüchtige Freundin. Dieser Serie ist BrutalDüsterHttps:// The Man. Alternate Names: Tomas Krechmann. How much of Thomas Kretschmann's work have you seen?

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