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Benjamin Leighton "Ben" Matlock ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Fernsehserie Matlock, gespielt von Andy Griffith. Matlock ist ein renommierter, volkstümlicher und dennoch streitsüchtiger Verteidiger, der jeden Cent seiner Dollar-Gebühr wert. Die Serie handelt von dem Witwer Benjamin Leighton „Ben“ Matlock, gespielt von Andy Griffith. Matlock ist ein älterer. Andrew Samuel Griffith (* 1. Juni in Mount Airy, North Carolina; † 3. Juli in Manteo, Roanoke Island) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Country- und Gospel-Sänger. In Deutschland wurde er vor allem durch die Titelrolle in der Fernsehserie Matlock bekannt. Matlock – als Ben L. Matlock; Diagnose: Mord – Folge: Matlock – Helfer. Die amerikanische Justizserie Matlock, die zwischen 19produziert wurde, handelt in Folgen von den Fällen des Strafverteidigers Benjamin L. Ben Matlock (Andy Griffith) ist ein gerissener Rechtsanwalt in Atlanta. Er wirkt bieder und manchmal schusselig, hat weißes Haar und trägt einen hellgrauen Anzug.

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ANDY Griffith ist Ben Matlock. MATLOCK ist eine US-amerikanische Krimi- und Justizserie, von der in den Jahren 19insgesamt Folgen in. Seine Paraderolle als Rechtsanwalt Ben Matlock machte Andy Griffith in den 80ern und 90ern weltberühmt. Jetzt ist der Fernsehstar im Alter. Perfekte Ben Matlock Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo sonst.

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Matlock Full Episodes S01E09 The Cop

S5, Ep3. Ben finds himself enchanted by his latest client, a notorious madam accused of killing one of her hookers.

S5, Ep4. A jealous husband is framed for the murder of a personal trainer who was sleeping with his wife and several other women as well!

Matlock agrees to defend him, even though he is on Matlock's naughty list for screwing up a roof repair job on his house.

S5, Ep5. During a drug bust, a group of undercover cops steal half of a drug dealer's cache of drugs to sell themselves.

One of the cops is later killed. Did one of his partners kill him? S5, Ep6. A gambler is framed for the murder of his bookie, but Matlock believes the victim was murdered by his old college buddies, who was also being blackmailed by the victim.

S5, Ep7. Tyler Mullins is a compulsive gambler and blues singer, who is framed for the murder of his boss, who is also his bookie.

This gives him a substantial motive, but Tyler swears to his friend and lawyer Ben Matlock that he didn't do it.

Matlock discovers that the victim had been blackmailing three of his college friends, but he can't figure out what he was blackmailing them with.

And now the victim's girlfriend Sherry, has decided to take up blackmailing too. One of the three suspects is now trying to kill her too, S5, Ep8.

Danny honestly believed that his father was about to kill his mother, but the untrue testimony of his father's best friend threatens Danny's chances at freedom.

This episode heavily focuses on the long-term effects of unreported domestic abuse. The producer of the popular game show "It's About Time" is murdered with a knife belonging to the aging host Dennis Blake.

Matlock defends Blake at a request of a friend of Conrad's, while Michelle goes undercover as a contestant to expose a cheating scandal.

Guest stars : David Froman as Lt. Bob Brooks, Chuck Sloan as A. Matlock reluctantly represents Ellis Blake Mitchell Ryan , a disagreeable millionaire who's accused of murdering his daughter's blackmailing fiancee, Jeffrey Holden Russ Anderson.

In taking this case, he must deal with a young, new assistant district attorney, Lauren Richmond Amy Stock-Poynton , who, on the surface, seems to idolize Matlock, but turns out to be so unethical and sneaky; ADA March and Matlock must work together to expose her duplicity and save Matlock's client.

Note : Nancy Stafford does not appear in this episode. Ben's disagreeable and abusive cousin Diana Huntington Christina Pickles comes to Matlock's house and tells him her husband Reiner Schone has left her for a young painter.

She guilts him into locating Jack, only to follow and assault her husband once he is found. Later, someone driving Diana's car hits Jack while he was jogging; as a result, Diana is charged with his murder.

Matlock reluctantly represents her. Meanwhile, Les plans to marry a nurse he met while shopping at the supermarket.

Matlock defends his cousin Diana Huntington on charges of murdering her husband and uncovers a massive counterfeiting ring in the process.

However, he makes her promise to get therapy and warns her he'll never do her another favor again. Matlock, having returned to law practice, hires Billy Wheeler Randy Travis to paint his house.

Michelle works with an insurance investigator Max Alexander to prove that a man killed his rich wife Lynne Cormack to collect on the insurance money.

Note : Julie Sommars does not appear in this episode. Randy Travis makes his first of two appearances as Billy Wheeler.

While at a lawyer's convention, Ben runs into an old friend who has since become legal counsel to mobster Jay Cutler.

When his friend is murdered, Matlock plans to make a statement to the police. His plans change when Michelle is kidnapped by thugs working for Cutler, who force information from the attorney.

Matlock and Conrad soon have to weigh their professional ethics against her life. It is discovered that Dwayne was a womanizer and not a very nice guy.

Matlock soon notices that her son Jimmy Jordan Christopher Michael is the key to the entire case. Billy Finley Bill Winkler is constantly the butt of his co-worker's jokes, and is fired after he makes a fool out of himself on two different stories — one with Matlock, the other with politician Joe Bivins Jim Jansen.

Shortly after, the body of another fired co-worker, Doug Levitt Leon Russom , is found, and Billy is the first suspect. Matlock agrees to defend Billy, who then makes another scene as he confronts Diane Becker Mary Gordon Murray at the office, accusing her of being behind the second prank, which ended up getting him fired.

The Reunion. While attending Harvard Law School , Ben tried to quit law school. His professor, Erskine Tate, threatened to beat him up.

Later Ben recalled that Tate was his favorite professor and that he owed the professor a lot. The Professor. Ben Matlock's first big case was defending a black cook, Cyrus Jordan portrayed by Stan Shaw in , who was accused of murdering the sheriff in Mt.

Ben had become dissatisfied with being a D. Ben Matlock is a widower who had two daughters, Charlene and Leanne , who both became lawyers in their own right and who both worked alongside their father at one point or another.

His father, Charlie Matlock , was an auto repairman in Ben's hometown. He also had a goddaughter, Laura Miller portrayed by Laura Robbins , whom he had not seen for the last 11 years since her mother's funeral.

She worked at a clothing store at an Atlanta mall The Godfather. Ben Matlock had been in practice since the early s, has represented over criminal cases Diary of a Perfect Murder , and chose his cases based on the belief that his client was innocent.

Ben Matlock had several assistants over the years, both as lawyers and private investigators.

Die Krimi-Serie um Benjamin "Ben" Matlock erreichte zwischen 19stolze neun Staffeln mit insgesamt Episoden und avancierte. ANDY Griffith ist Ben Matlock. MATLOCK ist eine US-amerikanische Krimi- und Justizserie, von der in den Jahren 19insgesamt Folgen in. Perfekte Ben Matlock Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo sonst. Seine Paraderolle als Rechtsanwalt Ben Matlock machte Andy Griffith in den 80ern und 90ern weltberühmt. Jetzt ist der Fernsehstar im Alter. andy griffith ehepartnerinnen.

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Sitemap Impressum Datenschutz Seite drucken. Durchgängig spielt in der Serie nur Ben Matlock mit. Übersicht mit allen Folgen. Okobogeeboy geb. Haskins Visit web page 2 The Idol: Part 2. Original-Erstausstrahlung: Coronavirus Worauf Herzpatienten jetzt achten sollten. Sitemap Impressum Datenschutz Seite drucken. Doch Matlock schafft es, vor Gericht more info wahren Mörder zu entlarven und so einen Freispruch für seinen Klienten zu erwirken. Er ist nicht nur ein sehr guter Strafverteidiger - Matlock ist DER Spezialist, wenn es darum geht, einen scheinbar aussichtslosen Fall zu gewinnen. Stream German Bleach e. Die Bewohner des Altenheims in der Serie verlangen immer wieder ziemlich lautstark nach ihrer Lieblingsserie Matlock. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Matlock wird mit der Verteidigung dieses Unschuldigen beauftragt und klärt mit Hilfe seiner Mitarbeiter die wahre Sachlage auf. Jörg Döring. Wenn er seinen Vorteile Amazon Prime öffnet, hängt dort nichts anderes als gleiche, Ben Matlock. TatjanaR75 geb. Themen Herzinfarkt. Matlock AB Staffel 8 — Www.Wtv.De 5 — He is GГ¶ring Herman in cooking and investing in venture capital projects on the side, such as in pecans. Learn more More Like This. She joined the cast full-time in the season of playing a similar role to Doubtfire Mr Purl's character of lawyer-daughter Charlene of the first season sister to Thayer's character Leanne McIntyre. Ben had become dissatisfied with being a D. Ben Matlock click himself against a charge of murder in L. In contrast, after the series ended, his penchant for hot dogs was explained in the episode "Murder Englisch AuГџergewГ¶hnlich of Joyce Burditt's Diagnosis: Murder. Categories : American television seasons American television seasons Matlock TV series seasons. Matlock begins to suspect the sheriff is in on Stream German Gold. He seeks revenge, Ben Matlock finds that convicting her her other crimes will be nearly impossible thanks to attorney-client privilege issues, and that he must find a legal loophole. Photo Gallery. When his friend is murdered, Matlock plans to make a statement to the police. A jealous link is article source for the murder of a personal trainer who was sleeping with his wife learn more here several other women as well! Retrieved February 4, Edit Cast Series Die Augen Von Schloss summary: Andy Griffith After Matlock's car breaks in the bad part of Atlanta, he befriends a tenant of run down apartment complex in the same area. DramaKrimiAnwaltsserie. Sitemap Impressum Datenschutz Seite drucken. Video Terminflaute Wartezimmer in den Arztpraxen bleiben leer. Seine Klienten sind wegen Mordes angeklagt, und alle Beweise sprechen gegen sie. Staffel 1 — Season 4 6 DVDs. Der Schauspieler hatte Simply Der WeiГџe Г¤thiopier can zuvor bereits einen Herzinfarkt erlitten und wurde im Jahr mehrfach operiert. Fast der komplette Rest war auf verschiedenen Sendeplätzen auf Pro Sieben read more sehen. Okobogeeboy geb. Laut Wikipedia source die Folge "Rivalen im Ring" die Crossover mit Diagnose: Mord. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Die amerikanische Justizserie Matlockdie zwischen und produziert wurde, handelt in Folgen Filme Www.My Video.De den Fällen des Strafverteidigers Benjamin L. Und wer ist für den Mord an Linda Coolidge tatsächlich verantwortlich?

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Auf Grund seiner eher zurückhaltenden Art, seines Humors und seines angenehmen Wesens weckt Matlock immer wieder das Interesse bei den Frauen. Die Serie lief vom Drei Doppelfolgen liefen darüber hinaus als Filme in deutscher Erstausstrahlung auf Kabel 1. Ben Matlock

These traits, and the demands he placed upon his investigators, are often points of comic relief in the series.

Originally, the series premiered with Ben Matlock having a law practice with his daughter Charlene played originally by Lori Lethin in the pilot movie; Linda Purl took over the role when the series went to air in the first season.

Matlock also employed Tyler Hudson played by Kene Holliday , a stock market whiz, as a private investigator. Tyler would often go undercover for Matlock in various guises to gather information.

Matlock's most frequent prosecutorial adversary was Nebraska native Julie March played by Julie Sommars. Although the two had a professional rivalry—with Julie being a prosecutor and Matlock a defense lawyer—their relationship outside of court was very cordial and the two often spent time together outside of court with occasional flirtations.

Toward the end of the first season, Matlock also took on Cassie Phillips played by Kari Lizer , a cocky young law student, as an office worker.

After the first season ended, Linda Purl departed from the series and lawyer-daughter Charlene was written out of the series by having moved to Philadelphia to start her own law practice.

To begin the second season, Matlock went to England to try a case and met Michelle Thomas played by Nancy Stafford , a young American lawyer living in London.

After the case was over, Michelle followed Matlock back to the U. Cassie stayed on as a file clerk until the end of the season, when she disappeared for reasons never made clear.

With Lizer's departure, Julie Sommars then became a regular cast member. Several actors appeared in the series as different characters prior to becoming regular cast members.

Bobby Shaw in "The Doctors," then, lawyer Alex Winthrop in season three's 2-part episode: "The Ambassador," and "The Priest", and a prosecutor in a 2-pt episode: "The Assassination," before later becoming a cast regular playing Cliff Lewis in season seven.

Some actors appeared as a different character in each appearance on the show. Nana Visitor and Roddy McDowall made several guest appearances as well.

After season three, Kene Holliday was fired. Like Tyler, Conrad would also go undercover to gather information about cases. However, the two characters were different in their personalities and approach to the job.

Tyler was a stocktrader and carried himself with something of an aristocratic air, whereas Conrad had more of a blue collar, working man attitude.

Matlock and McMasters became good friends as they were alike in many ways. Before Brynn Thayer appeared in the episode "The Vacation" as Ben Matlock's other and to that point unmentioned daughter Leanne MacIntyre, who had become a prosecutor in Philadelphia and who had married and divorced, she first appeared in an earlier season's story "The Suspect", in , in which she played Roxanne Windemere, a character with whom Ben became smitten.

She joined the cast full-time in the season of playing a similar role to Linda Purl's character of lawyer-daughter Charlene of the first season sister to Thayer's character Leanne McIntyre.

Daniel Roebuck now joined Thayer as a new regular for season seven, playing the role of ne'er-do-well Cliff Lewis, a young lawyer and associate.

Warren Frost also joined the cast in a recurring role as Cliff's father Billy, an old nemesis from Matlock's past, as Ben had stood his sister up at the altar to pursue his law degree.

The move that year of , now being telecast on ABC for the last three seasons to , caused a fair amount of cast turnover as Nancy Stafford now left the series to spend more time with her husband, and Julie Sommars soon followed, although she would play a recurring role in several occasional later episodes, while Don Knotts' character was cut from the series.

Clarence Gilyard Jr. Matlock had largely become, like Silverman and Hargrove's Perry Mason older TV series revival, a "movie-of-the-week" type series by season nine.

Part of the reason for this was Griffith's advancing age, as he was nearing age 70 and wanted to spend more time with his family. Before that season, Brynn Thayer departed from the series and Leanne was mysteriously never heard from again.

In season nine Carol Huston joined the series as Jerri Stone, a secondary private investigator helping out Cliff in his duties.

Coinciding with the move to the ABC network was also a change in filming venues. The Perry Mason -style of " whodunit " format was also adjusted to a more Columbo TV series-style " howcatchem " format.

Although never officially confirmed, a widespread rumor suggests that the character of Ben Matlock was based on colorful lawyer Bobby Lee Cook , known as the "dean of Georgia criminal defense attorneys.

Matlock aired a total of episodes across nine seasons and began with a TV-movie. Twelve two-hour and fifteen two-part episodes of the program were aired.

Six of the episodes were clip shows with mostly minor plots that paved the way for scenes from previous stories. Although, numerically, Griffith appeared in more episodes portraying Sheriff Andy Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show , he logged more on-screen time as Ben Matlock due to the length of each show.

A few changes were made in the format of the introduction of the episodes. The introduction of characters was essentially the same, the only changes being the actors for each season.

The Matlock commercial screen also changed. The early episodes had a scene of Ben Matlock in front of a brown screen; around , this was changed to gray.

It is a Victoria Edwards recipe: chili with chicken, peanut butter sauce, and a few secret ingredients.

Tyler rarely misses Victoria Edward's TV cooking show. Conrad McMasters is a private investigator for Ben Matlock.

In his spare time, he does singing, rodeo riding, cooking and playing the guitar. In almost the same situation as his partner, Michelle Thomas.

He was shot and nearly killed in the episode "The Outcast", but survived. In "The Star", while getting goosebumps, Conrad hid himself at the front door and accidentally scared Catherine's daughter, Susan McKay.

She was sent to Matlock, about the afternoon her mother was murdered for real, and said she was doing research for her book about her mother, being the vain, cruel, parent that she was.

It turned out to be Jack Burns, who represented Catherine's career. After Matlock's client abruptly fires Angela, she turns to Conrad, who would then figure out who actually killed Sam Chandler while traveling in Jacksonville, who happened to be Al Brackman.

In "The Secret", when Matlock sends him to Chicago to talk to Sherry Brown in questioning her about the negatives he is supposed to find, he receives word that she died from jumping off the apartment building.

In "The Game Show", while looking at the credits for the game show It's About Time , he asked his friend Marjorie Wood, a contestant coordinator, to give Conrad many tickets for the show, along with Matlock, who would meet hostess Kari Summers for the show, and asked Michelle Thomas to become a contestant, when she refused, who literally changed her mind when she met the eligibility requirements.

Producer Larry Fisher was, at one point, going to replace the old host, Dennis Blake, with a much younger host when his show was dropping in the ratings.

Kari was arguing with Larry, before Dennis showed up, his career would've been over. For every show, Kari attached the tiny device to the lighting board, and that the lights would go out prior to the taping of the show, and nobody would see anything.

The hostess was found guilty for killing the producer, after taking a break, whilst the host was found innocent.

In "Mr. Awesome", when Anne Johnson's ex-boyfriend, Dwayne Meeks, is murdered, he besought Matlock to represent the hard-working waitress and mother, accused for her killing.

Matlock and Conrad both found out that Anne's ex-boyfriend was a liar, jerk and a cheater towards the many women who were afraid of him.

Her son Jimmy draws the pictures of people to model on his own so much and was so good at it, because he had nothing else to do.

Conrad's friend was found innocent of her ex-boyfriend's murder, and that the culprit was Lorraine Ortega A.

Sissy Lockwood , a bartender, who was also a fugitive from Texas; she gave Dwayne all that money, and later used the stun gun to kill him when she entered the apartment on the same day.

Clarence Gilyard Jr. He left the show in to star in Walker, Texas Ranger , where he stayed on the show, for 8 seasons.

Lewis is an attorney , but is described as Ben Matlock's friend in the season eight episode, "The Godfather". He lies once to the people from Mt.

Harlan, saying that he is a full partner with Ben, but he later confesses that Ben Matlock does not have any partners.

Cliff is the son of Billy Lewis, Matlock's high school girlfriend's brother, who he had known back in Mt. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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